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What is HashByte?

Reports shows, Crypto miners are using more electricity than Serbia, Eric Holthaus calculated that by July 2019 Bitcoin would require more electricity than all of the United States and that by November of 2020, we’d use more electricity mining than the entire world. This sort of precipitous rise is stunning and poses great danger towards our climate in which its effects are already evident. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay but its environmental effects need to be addressed early on. HashByte ensues to foster the current cryptocurrency mining landscape towards a green/renewable model, annihilating the need for fossil fuel powered electricity.
About HashByte As cryptocurrency adoption increases, experts have realized that there is a hidden impact of blockchain on the environment. Per the Guardian News, in a 1/17/18 article titled, Bitcoin’s energy usage is huge – we can’t afford to ignore it, “in November 2017, the power consumed by the entire bitcoin network was estimated to be higher than that of the Republic of Ireland. Since then, its demands have only grown. It’s now on pace to use just over 42TWh of electricity in a year, placing it ahead of New Zealand and Hungary and just behind Peru, according to estimates from Digiconomist. That’s commensurate with CO2 emissions of 20 megatons – or roughly 1 (million) transatlantic flights.”
Bitcoin alone produces 17.7 million tons of carbon emissions each day, and once other cryptocurrencies are included, the carbon emissions increase that number by close to 50 per cent. Also, the energy demand of mining rigs and mining farms is creating a huge strain on the limited supply of energy available. This added demand will only increase the likelihood of energy companies turning to more and more fossil fuels to meet the demand. The HashByte team noticed this, and they have embarked on a journey to create a more sustainable cryptocurrency mining approach.
HashByte is currently beginning to solve this problem by liaising with renewable energy firms in Europe to create cloud mining contracts that rely only on wind and solar power. The technology is already there, and all that was needed was a team willing to use it to make green mining possible.
HashByte currently uses leased windmills and solar panels in different parts of the world to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Litecoin efficiently and cost-effectively. The benefit over conventional mining farms is that there are no high operating costs due to high energy bills and these savings are passed back to our contract holders. This allows us to increase the profits for investors on our platform.
We are currently issuing HSB tokens, an Ethereum based ERC-20 token for HashByte to raise funds for further research and development for the next stages of our plan. Sequentially we intend to create:
A green mining rig for miners that requires less energy to operate and returns higher profits because of that. HashByte is also developing the HashByte EcoChain that will use consensus algorithms with low energy consumption. Finally, the HashByte EcoChain will allow HashByte to offer a new cryptocurrency called Gash to users of the HashByte EcoChain. Gash will be secured, available internationally, fast and have no transaction fees because the consensus will be provided using energy efficient algorithms. An added benefit of the Gash coins is that they will be utility coins, and as such, they will not be as volatile as the speculative coins in most other blockchain startups.
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